Abc 8

ABC #8 – Learn to trust data

We explain that data can’t ‘sound off’, and that it’s actually your best friend.

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ABC #7 – What is your business’s orientation?

Is your business product-, sales- or market-oriented?

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ABC #6 – Creativity in marketing

We explain our Adonomy 50 + 50 = 100 approach and how it helps us get the best possible results.

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ABC #5 – What kind of website do you need?

We explain what kind of website you should invest in to properly promote your business.

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ABC #4 – Taking other people’s POV into account

We explain why you should always take it into account, and adjust your products and services accordingly.

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ABC #3 – What does it mean to optimize something?

We describe what optimization means and in which services you mostly see it.

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ABC #2 – External Factors In Marketing

We explain when they usually happen and why it is important to keep an eye on them.


Adonomy stands with Ukraine

We, the team of Adonomy – Digital Marketing Agency, are shocked and heartbroken by the needless destruction and bloodshed that is happening in Ukraine right now.

Abc 1

ABC #1 – Marketing Reluctance

We explain why it is wrong and what exactly are the goals of marketing.

Web Designer Working On A Web Layout

What Makes a Good Website? 8 Key Principles

We are living in an age when it is almost impossible to reach a larger audience without some kind of digital presence. A website is a good place to start.

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