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The post-Musk era of Twitter and the future of marketing

Ever since Elon took the reins, he made a number of, let’s say, questionable decisions.


Dealing with the drawbacks of LinkedIn’s popularity

The high numbers of users inevitably changed the LinkedIn landscape.


Learning marketing from Underpants Gnomes

This episode is often mentioned as an example of poorly thought-out business ideas, drawing comparison to real-life company decisions.

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Business ghosting: killing your business’ reputation

In the past few years, we’ve been witnessing the rise of ghosting in the business world - the so-called business ghosting.

First year of Adonomy

First Year of Adonomy

This July, we in Adonomy celebrated our first official birthday. Unofficially, we had started somewhat earlier - in January. Our beginnings were far from ideal.


Linkedin etiquette: are you making these 5 easily avoidable cold message mistakes?

I went through all the cold messages I ever received and wrote a list of the most common mistakes. 


5 Best Leadership Practices of Effective Leaders

Great leaders should constantly work on themselves and better themselves each day. In this article, I shared some signs that help me recognize good leaders.


How to Talk to Clients (5 Guidelines For Effective Communication)

Proper client communication can bring great value and significance to your business.


8 Tips on How To Utilize Marketing as a Small Business on a Budget

It’s becoming increasingly easy to market your business on a budget, and in this article, we will show you how to do it.

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