ABC #2 – External Factors In Marketing

We explain when they usually happen and why it is important to keep an eye on them.


Adonomy stands with Ukraine

We, the team of Adonomy – Digital Marketing Agency, are shocked and heartbroken by the needless destruction and bloodshed that is happening in Ukraine right now.


ABC #1 – Marketing Reluctance

We explain why it is wrong and what exactly are the goals of marketing.

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Business ghosting: killing your business’ reputation

In the past few years, we’ve been witnessing the rise of ghosting in the business world - the so-called business ghosting.


7 Must-Have Characteristics Of A Well Written Website Content

There is no denying the fact that the world is going through a digital revolution.

First year of Adonomy

First Year of Adonomy

This July, we in Adonomy celebrated our first official birthday. Unofficially, we had started somewhat earlier - in January. Our beginnings were far from ideal.

SEO for WordPress

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress SEO (2023)

Main challenge of SEO is its broadness. It consists of a huge amount of small steps, which must be taken care of one at a time.


Linkedin etiquette: are you making these 5 easily avoidable cold message mistakes?

I went through all the cold messages I ever received and wrote a list of the most common mistakes. 


Evolution of Marketing: From the 1800s to today

For people today, it is difficult to imagine a time without marketing. We are constantly surrounded by advertisements, whether in physical or digital form.


5 Best Leadership Practices of Effective Leaders

Great leaders should constantly work on themselves and better themselves each day. In this article, I shared some signs that help me recognize good leaders.


How to Set a Preferred Domain (The Easy Way)

The process is plain and simple. However, it can feel quite intimidating, given it can be done in many ways.


What Makes a Good Website? 8 Key Principles

We are living in an age when it is almost impossible to reach a larger audience without some kind of digital presence. A website is a good place to start.

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