Building A Brand From Scratch – The Power Of Market Research

Hyperion Drones Case Study

ABOUT Hyperion Drones

Hyperion Drones is a newly formed company specializing in drone-related services – UAS Consulting, UAV Department Development, Regulatory Compliance, SORA Assessment, and Data Collection. But before they had anything defined, they contacted Adonomy to help them create a strong and impressive brand.

First step – initial competitor research and analysis

As always, we started our competitor research by browsing relevant keywords.

That’s a proven way to find industry leaders. Usually, our clients deliver the keyword list to us. But if they aren’t sure which keywords are relevant, we start with a preliminary conversation. 

For the Hyperion Drones analysis, we extensively researched competitive companies using keywords such as: 

public safety

public services



safety operations

flying in cities

risk assessment

danger of flying

disaster prevention drones

rapid mapping

damage assessment

critical infrastructure


VIP protection

border patrolling

border monitoring


We delved into the websites of various competitors, excluding those offering unrelated services or educational programs.

We analyzed companies worldwide (United States, Europe, Israel, and India). Local (national) competitors weren’t as relevant as the foreign ones. We noticed a notable uniformity in the style of these websites. They all shared a similar structure, content, colors, and social media presence.

This unexpected uniformity provided a unique opportunity for Hyperion Drones to align with global standards while being distinctive in the local market.

While all the websites had a similar style, not all of them were optimized properly. Some websites were overloaded with content, impacting speed and efficiency, especially on mobile devices.

We knew we should be extremely cautious when designing the new website, so we could provide optimal performance. At the end of this part of the analysis, we deliver an in-depth SEO report as well.

Second step – brand identity proposal

Prva Verzija Bijeli
Prva Verzija Crni


Per Wikipedia – “Hyperion” means “he that walks on high” or simply “the god above”. The name has an interesting mythological origin, but it also sounds powerful. It is both traditional and futuristic.

It is ideal for a company that offers modern technology services. At the same time, it sounds as if the brand has been in business for at least a few decades. It is an impressive name that will inspire confidence in future clients.

Also, before suggesting the name, we made sure that the domain was free. 

Hyperion Drones Business Card

Business card


Knowledge from above. It’s nice, simple, and easy to remember. It says exactly what Hyperion Drones provides.

Elevator pitch 

An elevator pitch is a short (15-30 seconds) introduction of yourself or your company. That’s especially useful if the general audience isn’t familiar with the services or technology you offer. 

“Hyperion Drones empowers companies to leverage drone potential in their industries. We offer tailored education to public entities for more efficient and effective operations.”

Color scheme

We proposed white, blue, and black for the website. Each color carries psychological implications:

White: Represents cleanliness, simplicity, and cloud-like aesthetics.

Blue: Symbolizes trust, professionalism, and the sky, aligning with the drone industry.

Black: Evokes strength and formality, often associated with drone aesthetics.

Communication Style

Hyperion Drones should communicate as a modern, bold, and professional entity. That way they will be distinguished from the traditional and outdated approaches of competitors.

Their communication style should be direct, confident, and simple. They should be able to easily explain the potential of drones to their audience’s understanding.

Third step – creating the website

After we delivered the analysis and brand suggestions to Hyperion Drone’s satisfaction, the next step was to create the website. 

We decided on a looped video for the hero section. As mentioned before, we were extra careful when optimizing it, for it to work seamlessly – especially on mobile. We followed the color pallet we suggested in the branding document. 

Hyperion Drones provided the content for the website. We went through all the texts and simplified them if we thought they were too complicated to read. 

As for the visual content, it was important to put real-life pictures on all the service pages. 

In Adonomy we have a lot of experience developing websites so this part went smoothly and quickly.

What distinguishes the Hyperion Drones case study from the rest of them is the fact that this was the first time we developed a brand entirely from scratch. When they contacted us, they didn’t even have a name. 

We are proud that the Hyperion Drones team put their confidence in us and that we were a part of such an amazing project. We believe their brand will bring them a lot of business success. 

Filip Biočić, Ceo Of Hyperion Drones

Adonomy are marketing experts, we trusted they would do an amazing job every step of the way. We are very satisfied with the final result, and can’t wait to push our brand forward.

– Filip Biočić, CEO, Hyperion Drones

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