Using Social Media Advertising To Achieve an 11.0 ROAS

Krpica Case Study V2

ABOUT Krpica

Krpica is a company that sells premium textiles for more than 25 years. In the last quarter of 2022, they made a decision to open a webshop. They got in touch with Adonomy, and we started the process.

First step – page creation

We have decided on a simple and effective e-commerce design that goes with the existing colors and branding of Krpica.

The cooperation was smooth and effective:

categories were defined,

text edited,

and products uploaded

The webshop was launched within a month after the initial meeting.

Second step – taking over social media

Krpica had an old and inactive Facebook page that was previously used for direct sales. We refreshed it with new visuals and started sharing content regularly again.

We have connected and synchronized the web shop with Facebook. That made browsing individual products possible both on the web page and on Facebook. This was also of great importance for retargeting campaigns in the advertising phase.

We have also created an Instagram profile because this social media is used by a large number of Krpica’s target audience (women between 25 and 65).

Since the page was new, we wanted to get as many followers as possible, so we organized a giveaway. To participate, one had to like the post, tag two pet owner friends, and follow the Instagram page. The prize was a dog bed.

Soon we started to see the results of the giveaway and new activity on the Facebook page. The number of followers was constantly growing.

Third step – advertising (media buying)

December is when the vast majority of brands and stores decide to invest more in marketing. The web shop just launched at the beginning of December, so we had to prepare for the Christmas fever.

We started with Google and Facebook ads. On Facebook, we divided campaigns according to demographics and products.

We began with three general campaigns on Facebook and four on Google. All were focused on product categories.

The aim was to generate traffic on the web page to gather an audience for retargeting and achieve the highest possible number of conversions.

We soon saw which products were selling better and adapted the budget accordingly. Moreover, we noticed that Facebook had a higher return on investment, so we focused more on it.

Through continuous A/B testing of types of ads, visuals, texts, and the target audience itself, we filtered the ads and reallocated the budget to those with better performance, i.e., those that had the best CPR (Cost per result).

In an extremely short period of time, we managed to achieve a ROAS (Return on ad spent) of 4.0, which is an excellent result.


Creating websites and stores does not have to be a time-consuming process. Our motivated Adonomy team has developed a work process in which there is no idle time.

Also, with years of experience in managing social media and campaigns, we know how to get quality results and return on investment in a short period of time.

Contact us today to become partners and improve your business.

Adonomy responded promptly to our inquiries and requests. The web page was completed much faster than I expected. The campaigns they set up were successful, as well. I have already recommended them to my friends in business!

– Igor Jović, CEO,

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