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ABC #8 – Learn to trust data

We explain that data can’t ‘sound off’, and that it’s actually your best friend.

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ABC #7 – What is your business’s orientation?

Is your business product-, sales- or market-oriented?

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ABC #6 – Creativity in marketing

We explain our Adonomy 50 + 50 = 100 approach and how it helps us get the best possible results.

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ABC #5 – What kind of website do you need?

We explain what kind of website you should invest in to properly promote your business.

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ABC #4 – Taking other people’s POV into account

We explain why you should always take it into account, and adjust your products and services accordingly.

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ABC #3 – What does it mean to optimize something?

We describe what optimization means and in which services you mostly see it.

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ABC #2 – External Factors In Marketing

We explain when they usually happen and why it is important to keep an eye on them.


Adonomy stands with Ukraine

We, the team of Adonomy – Digital Marketing Agency, are shocked and heartbroken by the needless destruction and bloodshed that is happening in Ukraine right now.

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ABC #1 – Marketing Reluctance

We explain why it is wrong and what exactly are the goals of marketing.

First Year Of Adonomy

First Year of Adonomy

This July, we in Adonomy celebrated our first official birthday. Unofficially, we had started somewhat earlier - in January. Our beginnings were far from ideal.

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