The Importance of Copywriting in Digital Marketing

Silvia Sabo

Silvia Sabo

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Copywriting is arguably the most important element of digital marketing. It helps potential clients find you, it encourages sales, and saves you money.

It’s been around since the beginning of marketing and has always been the driving force behind a company’s success. Sure, in the past, marketing experts focused more on direct mail, billboards, and newspaper ads, while today digital solutions are at the forefront of modern marketing.

Still, through all these changes, copywriting remains the one thing your business cannot do without, no matter your preferred marketing strategy.

In this article, we will explain exactly why copywriting is so essential in digital marketing.

1. Copy will make your business stand out

Most people who find out about your business will probably do so through copy.

You might have a good website, a nice logo, and a catchy slogan – and we agree that those are all necessary elements. However, before your potential clients see all of that before they even click on your site, a copy will welcome them.

This is extremely important because you need to give people a reason to pick your business.

Good copy will show them what you offer and why you are better than the next guy who sells the same thing. A well-written copy will stimulate curiosity and other positive feelings, which in turn will prompt customers into action.

And action is what creates conversions.

2. Copywriting develops your brand

As we said above, it is very important for your business to have a well-functioning and well-designed website. But in order to develop and establish your brand, it’s not enough to create a distinguishable logo.

Try to think of your brand as a person: a good-looking person will attract your attention, but they will not hold it if that is all they have to offer. They need personality and substance – and this is exactly what copy will provide for your brand.

Copy will help grow your brand into a unique and recognizable enterprise, by being unique and recognizable itself

3. Copywriting is how you make money…

After you have established your brand and found your clients, a big part of the job is done. But of course, this does not matter if your business doesn’t manage to sell.

Here is where copywriting comes into play once again. Especially in the context of modern, digital marketing, your business has to be available 24/7, every day of the year.

A potential customer might find your website or social media page at 3 a.m. on Christmas, and you must ensure that when he does, he is compelled to stay on the page and take action.

Good copy closes deals for you, just like a salesperson.

…the difference is that copy does not need sleep and can reach people everywhere.

4. …and how you save money

Now you know that copy makes you money.

But copy can also save you money, in more than one way; the first being, hiring a copywriter.

This might sound counterintuitive, but it makes sense. Some businesses prefer to leave copywriting to their own employees as a side task, something to do alongside their main job.

Sometimes they give the task to many people at once, because one person doesn’t have the time needed to write as much as the business requires. This is a huge mistake: it prevents these businesses from optimizing their resources.

Every worker should be focusing on their job only, in order to maximize their ROI and help the business in the best way they can.

Additionally, not everybody can write good copy. And good copy is the only copy that matters because it’s the only thing that ensures sales and profit. Bad copy, in the long run, can be the death of a business. This is why it is also extremely important to hire a professional copywriter.


As you can see, a copy is vital for the success of your business.

Good copy creates sales and grows a brand. We believe that businesses should always consult with experts when it comes to subjects as important as these. You do not want to leave the future of your brand in inexperienced or unskilled hands.

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