Media buying

Want to generate more traffic and customers?


We can reach your audience easily with pay-per-click (PPC) & programmatic media buying campaigns.


Step 1

Campaign strategy

Step 2

Monitoring & adjusting

Step 3

More sales

Quick, simple & cost-effective

Defining goals

Competition & keyword research

PPC & media buying campaigns are the backbones of eCommerce. Our strategies are a proven way of increasing online visibility and driving traffic to websites.

Adonomy will market your products and services directly to eager and interested customers. You will experience more frequent and bigger orders. 

We deliver results almost instantly. We also constantly test and adjust our campaigns to improve them even further.

Return on investment

Relevant targeting

Continuous optimization & reporting

Adonomy will make sure your business reaches its audience and finds its place at the top. We will precisely target your customers by interests and demographics.

Our media buying experts will take care of every step:

  • Researching and identifying your target audience and demographics
  • Finding the right platform
  • Discussing and defining campaign plans and goals
  • Analyzing your brand and your competitors 
  • Tracking all the relevant metrics
  • Further campaign optimization
  • Data reporting

Are you ready to increase your sales?