8 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

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If you have wanted to increase your sales and reach more people with your brand, you have probably looked into digital marketing. That is a great move: digital marketing is an awesome tool that will surely increase your profits. You might have seen the various options you can choose from.

If you have a marketing team, you can hire a marketing manager to lead it. Or you can leave the marketing to a select group of employees. Finally, you could also hire a digital marketing agency – and this is your best bet.

If you are wondering why you should hire a digital marketing agency, you have come to the right place. There are many reasons for choosing an agency, and we will try to illustrate some of the most important. We will show you why this is the best business decision you can take, and why other solutions don’t work as well.

So, without further ado, here are eight reasons why you should hire a digital marketing agency:

1. Digital marketing agencies are cost-effective…

If you have a startup or a small business, the cost is certainly something you are looking to minimize. Even as a medium or large business, you certainly don’t look forward to extra expenses. Therefore, at first, it might seem like the most cost-effective option is keeping marketing in-house. After all, you already have employees who work for you and you pay their salary every month. Why should you pay somebody else to do your marketing? Because in the long run, you will see that hiring a digital marketing agency actually saves you money.

First of all, an agency is a contractor: this means you will not have to worry about payroll taxes, benefits, salaries – like you must for your employees. You will be paying an agency less for much more workers, time, and expertise. Additionally, digital marketing agencies have multiple marketing tools at their disposal.

These tools are not free, and often not cheap, but they are incredibly useful. Still, since you probably are not a digital marketing agency, you don’t really need to buy and own these tools. A marketing agency, on the other hand, needs these tools in their everyday work. If you hire an agency, you will get all the benefits of these tools without needing to spend your money on unnecessary subscriptions.

2. …and time-effective

Digital marketing agencies are devoted to one thing only: digital marketing. So when talking about in-house vs agency marketing, there should really be no dilemma regarding time-effectiveness.

In-house or agency marketing?

An in-house team might encounter difficulties, which can cause you to miss deadlines or force you to change your plans. An agency has multiple people working on the same project in order to avoid this scenario. Each person can check each other’s work and help each other out, taking advantage of everyone’s expertise, in order to avoid mistakes and delays. Additionally, and for the same reasons, an agency will need much less time to complete and deliver a project.

If you want to be the best these days, you have to be quick: the sooner you deliver information, the sooner you will start finding new clients. Now more than ever, the phrase “time is money” rings true.

3. They are SEO experts

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for any business with an online presence. It helps you rank well on search engines, which in turn helps potential new clients find you. When it comes to SEO, you have two options: you can hire an SEO expert, or you can let an agency take care of it. Since it is so vital to your business, we do not recommend leaving SEO to people with little knowledge or experience in the field. Additionally, you probably have a need for digital marketing in general, so why not hire an agency and let them handle everything, including SEO?

Organic search is most often the primary source of website traffic.

Search engine journal

Hiring an SEO expert alone will not fix all of your marketing issues, and you also cannot expect them to handle everything marketing-related. This might cost you a lot and bring you only limited benefits. Since marketing is multifaceted, and SEO is only one aspect of it (albeit an important one), you should try to simplify it as much as you can.

By choosing a digital marketing agency, you will get an all-in-one service. The agency will put a team of professionals at your disposal – and among them, also an SEO expert.

4. They can – and should – design your website

This point might sound counterintuitive: surely, if you want a well-designed website, you should hire web designers or web developers! If you are looking to save money, that unfortunately is not an option you can consider. Hiring professional web designers is pricey, and you will not get everything you need. Because it is not enough to have a good-looking website, but also one that works for your business.

Your website is usually one of the first impressions you can make on people.


Firstly, your website is how you present your business to potential customers. Therefore, it has to look great but also work well. Among other things, it has to be responsive on all browsers and platforms, fast, easy to use, with just enough information to keep your clients hooked. It has to be optimized for SEO, which we have already talked about. Also, your website should convert visitors into customers, otherwise, there is no point in marketing your business.

A beautiful website made by designers will probably not convert, since designers don’t know about positioning elements in order to ensure a sale. They do not understand the sales funnel and the journey your customers have to go through when visiting your website. It is also better to have a functioning and optimized website sooner rather than later – your potential clients need to find out about you ASAP.

Therefore, if you leave web design to a digital marketing agency, you will receive a better deal: a beautiful website that actually works for your business, not against it.

5. You will gain professional insight and experience

If you want something done well, you have to hire professionals – that is obvious. What is also obvious is – that can be costly. Especially as a small business, you probably cannot afford to hire various experts for each of your specific digital marketing needs.

At the same time, you cannot wait for your employees to become experts on the subject. You also cannot expect them to perform well at both their regular job and the marketing-related one. Even if your employees manage to learn digital marketing, they will not be able to offer you the experience in the field that your business needs.

This is why you should hire a digital marketing agency: they offer you both professionalism and expertise. They will bring you a team of people who know what they are doing because they are both experts and constantly learning and improving their skills. This will definitely get you the best value for your money.

6. They follow trends

If you know anything about the internet, you know that everything that is trending today, may already be obsolete tomorrow. This is especially true of digital marketing: if you want to stay relevant, you need to keep up with the trends.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, and it wastes your time – time you do not have, the time you should be spending on activities more pertinent to your business. That’s yet another excellent reason to hire a digital marketing agency. It is their job to follow trends since otherwise, their clients’ businesses will suffer.

We live in a time when technology marketing moves fast and consumer interests and behaviors are hard to predict.


Their knowledge will help you stay relevant in your industry. They will help you expand to social media if you aren’t there already. With a digital marketing agency, you will always be on top of your game.

7. Your employees can focus on their job

We have already mentioned this point before, but it is worth emphasizing it. If you hire a digital marketing agency, you will not need to hire multiple people to take care of marketing instead. Alternatively, if you thought about letting your employees take care of marketing in their spare time, you will have to give up this idea – which is great.

Leaving marketing to people who should be doing other things is a horrible idea. First, marketing is not something one can do for minutes or hours a day – it is a serious, full-time job, which often does not work well with a fixed 9-to-5 schedule.

Because of this, two scenarios are possible. Either your employees will suck at marketing, but will still be able to do their regular jobs, or their main jobs (and your business) will suffer, and your marketing will be mediocre. We do not need to tell you that both these scenarios are far from ideal! Save yourself the headache, don’t let your employees harbor resentment towards you: hire a digital marketing agency.

8. They are accountable

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a digital marketing agency is their accountability. This means that you do not have to believe they are doing a good/bad job – you can see it. They present reports regularly, so you can see what is going on with your business’ marketing at the moment.

Data-driven marketing helps you see what works and what doesn’t.


Based on the data, you can make better, informed decisions about what you want to do next. If, for example, you notice a campaign is not doing as well as you thought, your agency will explain why that is happening. They will be accountable for everything concerning the marketing of your business, and they will adapt their approach according to the results you are getting. And to put it simply: this also requires knowledge that your employees probably do not have.


In conclusion, if you want to reap the benefits of digital marketing, you should definitely hire an agency. If you decide to leave the digital marketing to your employees who already have things to do, you will not get good results. Your employees probably don’t have the knowledge and experience to do a good marketing job. At the same time, they cannot give their best in their regular job if they have to think about marketing. You also cannot wait months for them to learn about digital marketing, you need it now.

You might think leaving everything to your employees will save you money, but in the long run, it will actually cost you more. It will hurt your business and you will lose potential clients because your marketing campaigns will not be of high quality, timely, or relevant.

Digital marketing truly is vital to your business – it can make it or break it. Do not hesitate to leave digital marketing to professionals: it is one of the best investments for the future of your business. We can help you achieve the best possible results with our expertise – contact us today for a free evaluation!

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