Rise of AI: is content still king?

Dorian Sabo

Dorian Sabo

Man Vs Machine


In early 19th-century England, the Industrial Revolution is producing wonderful technology. And it is forever changing the face of human civilization. Many industries are quick to adopt these new tools in their workflow. The textile industry is no different. They implement great machinery in their factories and reduce the obsolete workforce.

Yet, not everyone was happy. The workers, disgruntled by the new machinery and work conditions, opposed the changes. Thus the Luddite movement was born. Members of the movement organized protests and even destroyed some of the machinery. Still, nothing could stop the revolution, as progress had already been made. And today – for better or for worse – the Luddite movement is remembered as a footnote in history.

Jumping back to the present. We are currently experiencing the evolution of AI. It seems it will bring even bigger changes than the Industrial Revolution did. So far the reception to this technology has been pretty mixed. From people claiming AI will bring an era of bliss, to people fearing it will doom us all.

There’s also been a sudden rise of AI experts, as well as people concerned about their job safety. While there is validity to some of these concerns, modern-day Ludditism isn’t the answer. Quite frankly, opposing such changes is silly and doesn’t help anyone. 

We can’t stop progress. But we can discuss how it affects certain industries. And how to capitalize on its opportunities, as well as overcome new challenges. 

The changing face of content 

There’s no doubt about it – the AI boom greatly affected the art of content writing. Now everyone can produce any kind of content in a matter of seconds. ‘Writting AI Content for Dummies’ is a very short book. It’s as simple as inputting a few commands into an AI chatbox. And many do exactly that. The only limit they have is how much are they willing to copy-paste from the chatbox into their CMS.

Bill Gates coined his iconic phrase ‘content is king’ back in 1996. But does this phrase still stand today with the influx of AI writers? Is content still king? Nowadays, content is oversaturated with these hastily written, standard-issue readable posts. On the surface, there is nothing wrong with such unedited AI-written content. It is perfectly adequate, and it conveys the necessary information. 

However, it’s not something readers will eagerly engage with. Usually, it lacks wit, pizzazz, and emotion. My suggestion is to always edit such posts to make them feel more human and interesting. Editing is especially important when it comes to writing scientific content. AI can still produce questionable (and sometimes completely false) information. 

Content is horsey

I don’t think content is king anymore. It has gone far from the most important thing there is. Producing quality content that stands out was never easy. It has become even tougher with all these AI writers running around. You need to find new ways to make your content stand out. And this often means investing even more resources to achieve the same results as before. Thus, content creation drops in relevancy a bit. 

Yet, content is still incredibly powerful and should not be completely ignored. Currently, the content is horsey (knight)! A figure often overlooked by confused amateurs, but very useful in the hands of a skilled master. The horsey is a figure that has unique properties. It can open certain opportunities on the board. But it’s still a figure you are not very disappointed to sacrifice to gain a better position.

So, if you plan on writing more content, just make sure it’s actually worth reading. There is nothing worse than boring blocks of text written by AI. You don’t have to ignore AI completely. After all, let’s not be modern-day Luddites. My suggestion is to use it as more of a tool or a guideline, instead of letting it do all the work for you. 

That way, you can create something truly amazing. 

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