Should you use social media as a part of your adult store marketing strategies?

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In most industries having social media profiles is a no-brainer. The number of different social media platforms makes it easy for businesses to find and connect with their target audience. However, does the same apply to adult stores?

Many adult stores that decide to open social media platforms report low engagement numbers. After all, not many people want to share their appreciation for sex toys with their friends and family. And that’s why the number of likes a picture of a dildo receives will be limited. The taboo nature of the business will make the process of growing the page very slow and tedious.

Another hurdle to social media marketing for adult stores is platform guidelines. Not all platforms allow the posting of explicit content. And even those that do usually have some stipulations about advertising. For example, on Facebook, you are free to share pictures of sex toys, but you are forbidden from promoting them. Adult stores constantly have to be careful and think about the content they are posting to not risk getting flagged or banned.

The advantages

Reading this, some might think that maintaining a social media platform for an adult store might be more trouble than it’s worth. However, that isn’t necessarily correct. Now I’m going to list some reasons why you should still use it. 

Your customers expect it from you

Social media profiles are so integrated into our culture everyone simply expects you to have one on the most popular platforms. Your website visitors will occasionally click on your social medial links and check if you are a legitimate and active business. If not, they might be more hesitant to make a purchase.

Your customers will still engage with you… just in another way

It’s true that you will probably have very low engagement (likes, shares, comments), but that doesn’t mean your customers won’t ever communicate with you. Nowadays we see more and more direct shop-customer interaction via inbox. If your customers have questions regarding the products, shipment, or something else they will most likely want to contact you directly via your profile. 

It is cost-effective

As I said before, your customers will still probably check your profile from time to time. That’s why if you put some new products in your shop or start a promotion you should share it on all your profiles. It greatly increases the chance of your customers seeing what’s new on your website and building brand awareness. 

Tips on how to grow your social media page

Experiment with the content you post

Different audiences prefer different content. You will first need to find what works for you and your customers. And until you do so, don’t be afraid to experiment. Be it sharing blog posts, product descriptions, trivia, giveaways, or even funny memes. 

Quality above anything else

Any kind of content you post should be of supreme quality. That means it has to be consistent with your current visual brand, the visuals have to be professional looking, and the text (copy) you use should be straight to the point and well written. 

Engage with your audience

If someone leaves a comment on your post or contacts you directly via inbox, be sure to reply as fast as possible. That will show your customers you truly care about them. There’s nothing worse than needlessly leaving people to wait on you for days on end. It makes you look lazy and irresponsible – regardless of the business you are in. 

Partner with someone who knows what they are doing

If all of this sounds like too big of a bite for you, you can always partner up with a digital marketing agency. When talking with potential new partners ask them if they have experience working with adult stores. This industry is unique and you could use someone who knows what works and what doesn’t. For example, Adonomy has been marketing adult stores for years and achieved a lot of success.


Social media is a very powerful tool many businesses use as a crucial part of their marketing endeavors. Despite that, even the biggest adult stores have trouble achieving impressive engagement numbers. Community guidelines make it near impossible to promote adult products. Also, many people don’t feel at ease liking such content online for everyone to see, which is perfectly reasonable.

There are still many reasons to open and maintain a social media profile, though. It is possible that your customers will frequently visit it, even if they don’t offer ‘official support’. If they have any questions about your brand and website, they can use the profile to contact you and communicate easily. It is also a cost-effective way of sharing news.  

When building your social media presence you can try to experiment with the content you post, just always make sure it’s of high quality. When someone leaves a comment, be sure to reply and engage with them. And If you are looking for a digital marketing partner that can do all the amazing work for you – contact Adonomy

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