Social media

Want to be the talk of the town?

Adonomy creates and publishes social media content that your audiences will find interesting. That way we will bring more traffic to your profiles and website. 

We will make your competitors jealous.

Step 1

Choosing platforms

Step 2

Content strategy

Step 3

More traffic & sales

Rise above the noise

Limitless creativity

Backed by data

Next time you are on social media try to think about all that content you just scroll by. Posts, texts, images, and videos you wouldn’t want to spend a single second on.

You don’t want that to happen to your content. You need something your followers will engage with. Something that is actually amusing and meaningful.

Adonomy specializes in producing such attention-grabbing content.

Creating engagement




We are experienced storytellers and can help with:

  • Researching and identifying your target audience and demographics
  • Finding the right media platform, creating/optimizing accounts
  • Discussing and defining social media plans and goals
  • Creating and publishing visually attractive, well-written posts
  • Tracking all the relevant metrics

Are you ready to improve your social media presence?